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You CAN Grow (and Raise) Your Own Food
While Living in the City!

Do you have the itch to raise your own food but think it's
too expensive or time consuming?

Do you long for a garden or a few chickens, but live in an apartment
and wondered where you'd ever find space to grow vegetables or
keep a few hens?

Maybe you've grown or raised a few things
and are ready to branch out into new realms?

If so, this is the place for you.

City Girl Farming is your urban guide
to growing and raising your own food in the city.
Here you will find out more information on:

What you need to know about starting vegetable gardens in the city. Don't have a yard? No problem. Balconies, roofs, driveways, and containers all work great. You'll learn about important things like how to start seeds indoors to extend your growing season, how to compost (with and without worms), organic pest control, and lots of other tips and tricks to make your gardening adventure productive and prosperous.

You'll also learn lots of great information about what to do with all that fresh from the garden, ideas on edible and homemade gifts from the garden, and ways you can preserve your bounty for the winter months.

And if gardening isn't enough to satisfy your City Farming desire, you can learn more about chicken raising and care , keeping bees or goats or rabbits in the city, and even all about having worms for pets!

If you get into your urban farming adventure and get stuck, ask a question. We'll see if we can help you find an answer. If you find something exciting in the news or have helpful tips you'd like to pass along, share them with us!

Ready to begin your adventure in City Farming? The city of Seattle, Washington has declared 2010 the year of Urban Farming! It seems that everyone is ready to eat locally grown produce. What better way to do that then to grow your own? Afterall, buying your groceries at the store is so 20th Century!

Happy City Farming Adventures to You! Let the Journey Begin...
Here's some places to start...

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Chickens in the City:
Enjoying the Harvest:



















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