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Free Plans for Building
a Chicken Coop

If you're feeling ambition and have the time and money to build a chicken coop from scratch, here are free plans to help you get started. Before you start, please read the basics of a chicken coop page to make sure you give your chickens everything they need for a successful life in the city (or anywhere else for that matter!).

Free Plans for Building a Chicken Coop:

Backyard Chickens Community
(They have over 2,000 free coop plans of all shapes and sizes!)

Purina Mill's Food Coop

Build Eazy Chicken Coop Plan

Portable Mini-Chicken Coop Plan

The Stealth Urban Chicken Coop

Organic Gardening's Movable Coop


Good (Reasonably Priced) Chicken Coop Plans:

The Garden Coop
(The plans cost $20 and come with the option of buying all the needed hardware from them, which is a real plus in my opinion!)

My Pet Chicken Coop Plans
(They have a variety of coop plans starting at $10 and up)


Additional ideas:

chicken coop from play structure

I built the above coop from a re purposed two story play structure and lots of scraps. You can see how I did it step by step here.

coop made from dog house

You can also easily convert a dog house into a coop like the one above that I found for $40.00 on Craigslist (I brought it home for a nursery coop). One half of the roof raises and there are nest boxes built inside along with a roosting pole. There's also a side door for easy access to clean the coop. A coop this size would be good for 2-3 hens.

Here's a few other Small Coop Ideas.


Other information you might find helpful:

Basic Chicken Coop Information (what chickens need and why)

How much does it REALLY cost to raise chickens?

Getting Started with Chickens

Raising Chickens











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