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Gardening with kids
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Starting a "Seed Company"

Here's a fun little project to do with your kids that will entertain them, create unique gifts to give others, and educate them all at once. Help them start a "Seed Company" using seeds from the fruits and vegetables your family grows this summer.

To do this, first you first need to harvest seeds from your garden. If you need more information on harvesting your own seeds, here's a step-by-step guide.


When you've collected your seeds, download this seed packet template and print up copies. The kids will have fun designing their own seed packets for each kind of seed they're harvesting.

Once the artwork is complete, cut the seed packet out, and fold and glue all but the top flap.

Add the dried seeds to the customized seed packages (once the glue is dry!) and glue or tape the top flap down.

Now the kids have their own seeds in personalized seed packets. They make great gifts for family, teachers, etc., as well as being used in their own garden next year.

Or, for a enterprising kid who would rather sell seeds than lemonade, their unique product is complete and ready for marketing!


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